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Welcome to fill in an apartment application for TYS. Please make sure that you have read through the application instructions and apartment options on our website (

If you are an exchange student, please use the apartment application form for exchange students (link). You can send the apartment application at the earliest three months before you need the apartment. Note! In August and September only those students starting new studies in Turku may apply for an apartment.

Applicant’s/applicants’ or possible guardian’s information and credit information inspection will be registered into our customer data system (register statement is available here: link). The connection is encrypted with SSL technology.

NB! Please use only next/previous buttons to fill in the application.
Please notice that this application is only for students applying via official exchange student programs. All contracts are for a fixed-term and for full semesters.

Application type  

* Starting date for your lease  

* End date for a fixed-term contract    

Note! A youth applicant may only be an 18-29-year-old non-student from Turku. The youth applicants are granted a maximum of 5-year fixed term contract and youth apartments are only available at Kiertotähti and Ironside location. Interruption in Tenancy Agreement is an agreement made with TYS separately and in advance. Choose this only if you have already signed this agreement.
Choose the starting date of your lease from the list. The Tenancy Agreement can only start on the first day of a month. You can make the application at the earliest 3 months before the apartment is needed.
Only choose this, if you want a fixed-term lease and write the reason for the fixed term on the free text field (such as studying abroad). If the fixed-term agreement is less than a year, a processing payment of €60 is added to it. Note! Your agreement may be fixed term also on the basis of the housing location, tenant status or studies. This is shown on the possible apartment offer.
Please note that the lease can only end on the last day of a month.
Please write the reason for a fixed-term contract.